IMDB voting – how objective is it?

Netflix Originals

Netflix Originals

Unlike the rankings of shows and actors in IMDB, which are compiled on the basis of requests from 250 million users of the database, the voting results are not an important indicator, since they are easy to cheat and users are not so willing to vote.

However, IMDB still provides such an opportunity for fans of TV shows and actors, and the Turkish media are happy to show the results of the vote, forgetting to add how many people voted for this or that show. Simple logic suggests that the fewer the votes, the higher the rating will most likely be, because fans vote first.

However, for the new Netflix series Love 101, this rule did not work. Furious Turkish fans came to give it low marks, without even watching the show. The reason is that someone somewhere for some reason said that one of the characters in the project will be gay. There were no gays in the series, but not very “smart” fans did not bother.

Moreover, there is already noticeable confrontation between Netflix project proponents and fans of ordinary Turkish show business. Those who expected Netflix to make regular Turkish TV shows were very disappointed. As it turned out, the series for the digital platform are mainly intended for a Western audience and are very different from the usual Turkish products, and many do not like it.

The April 25th IMDB vote is as follows:

  • Hakan Muhafiz / The Protector – 6.9 / 10 with 28,526 votes
  • Rise Of Empires Ottoman – 8.0 / 10 with 13,604 votes
  • Atiye / The Gift – 7.6 / 10 with 12,569 votes
  • Ask 101 / Love 101 – 7.1 / 10 with 714 votes

As you can see, the highest number of votes was for The Protector, which is the most popular Netflix project in the database, and its rating can be described as more or less objective, since not only fans but also ordinary viewers voted. You can’t say that on other TV shows – 10,000 votes (give or take) is not too big a number to throw away fans of actors. The evaluation of the series is clearly biased, because people voted who didn’t even watch the project.

In any case, the results of the vote do not mean much, the main score is the interest of the series in a database compiled on the basis of millions of queries. It can’t be manipulated, so it is more objective.

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