Demet Ozdemir and Kerem Bürsin – a new star couple?

Demet Ozdemir and Kerem Bürsin

Demet Ozdemir and Kerem Bürsin

Kerem Bürsin and Demet Ozdemir are in a relationship! This is the headline of the Turkish tabloids. However, is this true and what really happened?

Despite the fact that all social contacts in Turkish show business are now interrupted and celebrities, like ordinary people, are quarantined, the tabloid press continues  to persist in pimping young stars, who for one reason or another are still single. The latest news that blew up the tabloids is the story that Kerem Bürsin and Demet Özdemir supposedly got very close during the quarantine.

According to the tabloids, a couple were introduced by mutual friends. Kerem is friends with Elçin Sangu, whose stylist Rukay Osis is also a stylist and best friend of Demet. It will be recalled that Kerem dated Serenay Sarikaya for several years. The couple separated in May 2019. It is curious that Serenay and Demet are friends.

The press stated that Demet had an affair with Yaman Taciroglu, but the relationship was apparently short-lived. Turkish paparazzi also think Demet was having an affair with her former co-star Can Yaman, but Demet and Can are friendly, but there is no romantic relationship between them and probably never was.

Will the information from Turkish tabloids turn out to be true this time? Has a new star couple appeared in Turkish show business, or is it just fantasy due to a sharp lack of news from the life of stars? We will learn about all this very soon.


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