TV Series of channel D coming soon to Netflix?

TV Series of channel D

TV Series of channel D

Channel D, which was in a critical position due to the suspension of filming of the series, officially announced that it was ready to consider the proposals of the largest suppliers of entertainment content for the sale of its catalog of shows.

Channel D’s global sales manager, Kerim Emrah Turna, said in an interview that in conditions where the world’s largest channels and digital platforms lack their own serial production, they can satisfy this demand. The channel has thousands of hours of content. It is not yet known when work on new shows will resume, when they will be available to viewers, while there is ready-made content available for purchase.

Since channel D has been selling its TV shows to foreign TV channels for a long time and it is not something new, in this case we are talking about negotiations with digital platforms. Thus, we can hope that in the near future the catalog of TV channel D will be available for and / or subscribers. Among the TV series of the channel are such projects as Forbidden Love, Fatmagul, 1001 nights, Kuzey Guney, Wounded Love, Waiting for the sun, Hey Istanbul, Genco, Silver, June Night, Mercy, Song of Life and many others sucessful Turkish series.

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