Bad news for Italian fans of Can Yaman

Bad news for Italian fans of Can Yaman

Bad news for Italian fans of

Italian fans of Can Yaman are upset: the series The Daydreamer which the Italian channel planned to broadcast in May, will not be aired. What happened and is there any hope?

Recently, the series Bitter Sweet / Dolunay starring Can Yaman was a great success in Italy. After that, the actor formed a fan club of devoted fans in this country. To please them, Canale 5 bought for the broadcast the sensational romantic comedy The Daydreamer / starring Can Yaman and Demet Ozdemir. However, the coronavirus epidemic mixed up the plans.

As it became known, due to quarantine, there were problems with the deadlines: it was not possible to dub the series on time. As a result, it was decided to broadcast the series Beloved Past / Sevgili Geçmiş and continue work on the Daydreamer, which Italians will see a little later. Given that Beloved Past is a fairly short series, the wait for Can’s fans will not last long, The Daydreamer’s voice-over will soon be ready, and they will finally be able to see the new work of their favorite actor.

When the series will go on the air is not yet known, however, as the management of the channel promises, this will happen this summer.

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