Demet Ozdemir answered the question about Kerem Bürsin

Some time ago, the Turkish media published a headline announcing that a romance had begun between Demet Özdemir and Kerem Bürsin. So, the star of the Daydreamer and Your Home is your Destiny series has put a stop to this gossip. What did the actress say?

gave a rather curious answer to the joke of one of the followers on Instagram: “You have a disinfectant on your selfie. It’s like you are in love.” Demet chuckled in response: “These disinfectants are now part of me. This is a real life story.”

This seems to be the answer to a question that many fans of the actress are curious about – there is no love with Kerem Bürsin and there never was. Journalists diagnosed the actress as having a romantic relationship just because Kerem use the mug with the letter “D”. This turned out to be enough for them to draw far-reaching conclusions. Alas, the Turkish media is not able to verify facts, but their imagination are doing fine.

Perhaps Demet will have a person who will win her heart, but this will happen only after the end of quarantine. While the actress remains at home and expects the resumption of work on her show, which should begin in late May, if the epidemiological situation in the country allows.

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