Serenay Sarıkaya was called a hypocrite

The Turkish press reports an extremely negative reaction of users of social networks to the Serenay Sarıkaya’s latest publication on Instagram. They accuse the actress and her sweetheart of hypocrisy. Recall that Cem appealed to the court to remove the video in which he and Serenay were photographed in the pool, referring to privacy. However, after the publication, the reverse reaction went:

  • If you are going to take pictures in a bikini, then why was there such a reaction to the tabloids? You are hypocrites!
  • Oh yes, this is a very private life. Therefore, Serenay shared it with 9.5 million followers. Really very private
  • That is, you went to court to delete photos in the pool and shared photos after the pool. Great tactics!
  • You say “private life”, then share photos and get likes.

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