Bahar Şahin and Ozan Dolunay – love or friendship?

Are Bahar Şahin and Ozan Dolunay dating? Is it true that a romantic relationship has developed between young people? We’ve figured out the answer to your question!

On Monday, June 22, the last episode of the series Cruel Istanbul / was released on Turkish air. The TV show made rather modest final and did not become a hit. However, on social networks, the actors of the project were very popular with a young audience who would like to see them together and in real life.

And now, the dream of the fans would seem to be close to realization. Bahar Şahin, who recently broke up with her boyfriend, was spotted in a café with Ozan Dolunay. Moreover, according to the paparazzi, the couple not only peacefully chatted over a cup of coffee, but also kissed. Recall that Ozan and Bahar have long known each other and played together in the series School Patrol.

However, both actors hastened to refute the information that appeared in the press. Ozan Dolunay said that Bahar Şahin is his friend and colleague, they had lunch together many times, but these were purely friendly gatherings and nothing more. As for the “kiss”, there was nothing like that, the journalists simply captured the usual greeting from such a perspective that everything looked like an intimate gesture. In turn, Bahar also denied the news and said that she is really upset to hear it.

Alas, this time the dream of fans will remain a dream. There is friendship between young people, but no passionate feelings. However, friendship is also not bad, because love can pass, and friends stay for a long time, sometimes forever.

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