Furkan Palalı in the TV series Bitter Lands / Bir zamanlar Çukurova

Furkan Palalı in the TV series Bitter Lands / Bir zamanlar Çukurova

in the TV series Bitter Lands /

Furkan Palalı returns to the screens of Turkey in one of the most successful TV series of recent years. We’ve become aware of the details of the actor’s new work!

Furkan Palalı is one of the most promising young actors in Turkey, who has proved himself in the summer series N309 and My Sweet Lie. However, as is known, the summer projects can not bring the real fame to the Turkish actors. They should work in TV shows of the main, autumn-winter season.

Of course, everyone assumed that the actor would appear in the main season in the new series, but he made an unexpected decision by joining the already underway super hit Bitter Lands / Bir zamanlar Çukurova. Furkan will appear in the third season of the TIMS&B project as a completely unexpected character.

Recall that the stars of the series are Vahide Perçin, Murat Unalmis, Hilal Altinbilek and Ugur Gunes. Filming of the show will resume in August and the series will return to the screens in September.

Furkan Palalı’s decision is only at first glance surprising, in fact correct. It is better to show yourself in a successful project than to appear on screen in another series, which may be canceled in a couple of episodes due to low ratings. For how long the actor signed a contract and whether he will be in the cast of the series until the end of the season has not yet been reported.

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