Top 10 most popular Turkish series of 2020

2020 turned out to be quite difficult for Turkish show business. The forced break, that the producers and TV channels took last spring, affected the consumption of entertainment content. So what were the most popular TV shows among the Turkish viewers in the past year?

Television channels were the most affected. The spectators went to the digital platforms and have no plans to return. A particularly noticeable drop occurred in the AB ratings, that is, the educated and wealthy audience, which no longer wants to watch two-hour episodes and boring stories every week.

At the same time, TV shows viewing, which averaged 2.7 hours a day in 2019, increased to 3 hours in 2020. However, this increase is primarily due to digital platforms. Turkish TV series production is on the verge of big changes.

According to a study of Marketing Turkiye, Turkish viewers prefer psychological dramas and non-standard plots. Interestingly, the study was based not on the results of ratings, but on the preferences of viewers, which they expressed during the survey. As a result, such a rating giant as The Ottoman was omitted from the final list of Turkey’s favorite series of 2020. Therefore, the published result must be treated with some skepticism.

So, what are the most favorite TV shows this year according to the research results?

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