Is Murat Dalkılıç promoting himself at the expense of Hande Erçel?

The campaign to present Murat Dalkılıç as a victim and denigrate Hande Erçel is becoming increasingly rude. Some Turkish media have already agreed that Hande allegedly had an abortion and therefore the couple broke up, as Murat was outraged by the act of his beloved.

Note that many bloggers who know the industry from the inside say that this is Murat who orders dirty articles, thus trying to stay in the spotlight. Even before the outbreak, the singer has financial problems. And after the quarantine he tries to hold on by any means necessary. Initially, he planned to reconcile with Hande, but after realizing that the girl was unwilling to reconcile, he went all out. Note that Murat is not famous for his loyalty – he cheated on both his first wife, , and Hande, who at one time forgave him. But in vain …

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