Will “Knock on My Door” / Sen Çal Kapımı be cancelled?

Knock on My Door / Sen Çal Kapımı

Knock on My Door /

Social media users panic again: rumors say the series Knock on my door / will be cancelled and it will happen very soon. But are these rumors true?

The famous blogger Yasin Ozbek stated that Fox TV decided to revise the series Knock on my door / Sen Çal Kapımı by changing the script. The project may change the day of the broadcast. If that doesn’t work, then the show will be cancelled.

It should be noted that Mr. Ozbek is known for his love of hype and is not famous for being particularly truthful. The TV show is made by the largest company on the market – Medyapim, and it is unlikely that its boss, Fatih Aksoy, will allow the TV channel to dictate how to write the script. Especially since the series has been successfully sold abroad.

The only thing that Fox TV can really do is change the day of its broadcast or end the broadcast if ratings drop. Is it possible? Most likely, yes, it is possible, but it won’t happen tomorrow. It is known that the channel has already ordered six new series. They will replace the old ones and will be broadcast in the winter and spring of 2021.

If the rating for Knock on My Door falls, then it will be replaced immediately by the new show. However, so far the ratings are quite satisfactory for the TV channel and there is no talk of taking off the air at least until the New Year, so fans of the series should not worry.

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