New action series of TRT1 TV channel



This season TRT1 TV channel becomes the leader in prime-time TV broadcasting, offering its viewers a wide variety of projects – from historical to psychological and family TV shows. As it became known, besides of the historical series Barbaros, which will start in January, the TV channel plans to release an action series with a huge budget, which will start in January-February.

And this means that the former quiet existence of low-rated serials on the channel is coming to an end. They will be replaced by more ambitious projects. The good news is that the channel’s management doesn’t have the habit of throwing hysterics every time the rating drops slightly. Whatever happens, but the series will be brought to the end of the season. The TV shows “Get up, let’s go” and “God forbid!” will most likely make final in December – early January. All other projects will be broadcast until June.

Another good news is that the state censor RTUK is rapidly going blind and deaf when it comes to the TV series of the state channel. Kisses, of course, cannot be shown, but the action will be what kind of action you need, and not its children’s version, which is good news.

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