Ezgi Mola on the weight of the actresses and the leading roles

Ezgi Mola, who delighted the audience with her performance in the TV series Apartment of the Innocents, when asked what she thinks about the words of Hazal Kaya that curvy women are not offered leading roles, stated that she was never thin and did not strive for this.

The only thing you need to pay attention to is the actor’s performance, whether he can play this character or not. Role has nothing to do with weight. Society is much more lenient towards men. And if such close attention is not paid to the weight of men, then women should be treated the same way. The perception of actresses must change. There are people of any physique in life, for every actress you can find a suitable role.

As for her role in the series, Ezgi admitted that she carefully cleans the house, but what her character does is an obsession, an illness.

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