Ezgi Mola in the series ‘Ayten, who changed the world’

Ezgi Mola has started filming the new Tims&B series “Ayten, who changed the world / Dünyayı Değiştiren Ayten”, which tells about the mother of two children, modest concierge Ayten. When her daughter Sevgi is diagnosed with a terrible diagnosis, and she needs treatment that can save her life in the early stages, Ayten decides to accept the offer of a terrorist organization by planting an explosive device in a plane carrying world leaders.

Saadet Işıl Aksoy will play policewoman Demet Sensoy. Selçuk Yontem and Yetkin Dikinciler will play key roles in the show, while Tolga Güleç will guest star in two episodes. Directed by Umur Turagay. Written by Ethem Ozisik. The series will be released on the digital platform.

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