Why are the “Call My Agent” ratings going down?

Call My Agent / Menajerimi Ara

Call My Agent /

Well-known journalist Oya Dogan wrote a long article analyzing the drop in ratings of the series Call My Agent / Menajerimi Ara. In her view, the show has two big problems.

First, the main story. The wonderful duet of Dicle and Kiraç, daughter and father, who is afraid of his fatherhood, looks very good. But the story of Dicle and Baris looks bad. This is not a tale of impossible love. It’s just unreal. Having tried to maneuver between the conflict of father and daughter and the standard love drama, the creators were unable to cope with the task and let the audience go.

The second big problem is the guest stars. The writers are afraid to tell the real stories of Turkish show business that everyone knows. Actors who seem to be playing themselves are actually playing other people. So Gökçe Bahadır plays an actress who is called Gökçe Bahadır, but who has nothing to do with a real person. The same applies to , , Nebahat Çehre, and others. The audience immediately sensed the fake, hence the low ratings.

The show has all the ingredients for success, but there is something wrong with the consistency. The main thing that the creators have forgotten is that it is not the love story of Dicle and Baris. The journalist hopes that they can change the course of story as soon as possible.

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