Can Yaman – scandal in Italy

Can Yaman - scandal in Italy

– scandal in Italy

Can Yaman was unlucky again. This time, the actor was caught in a scandal against his will, thanks to an overzealous manager. However, the unpleasant news is offset by quite positive ones. What happened?

Snob magazine reports that the author of Can Yaman’s unofficial biography “I will always love you” Italian journalist Floriana Rullo has been the victim of threats and insults from the actor’s representative in Italy.

As it turned out, Adrea di Carlo, who is the manager of the ADC MANAGEMENT agency representing Can Yaman’s interests in Italy, was concerned about the book’s release. Instead of solving the problem in a civilized manner, however, he began sending Instagram messages and texts to a journalist, calling her a psychopath, a lunatic and threatening her.

As Floriana Rullo admits, she was shocked to receive these messages. She knows how sensitive Can Yaman is to women who are victims of violence. It was all the more surprising to receive such insults from his representative. She intends to sue the cyberstalker and is not going to give in to his threats. Let’s remind that the book is available in Italy and costs 12.9 euros.

But the news for Can Yaman from Italy is not only negative. As it became known, the Italian group Mediaset has acquired the rights to air his new series Mr. Wrong / Bay Yanlis, which will begin after the end of the broadcast of the series The Daydreamer. We hope this will further increase the number of fans of the Turkish actor in this country.

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