Demet Ozdemir: “My heart is free”

Demet Ozdemir: "My heart is free"

: “My heart is free”

In a short interview with the Turkish press, Demet Ozdemir spoke about her personal life, plans for the future and how she feels about parties in clubs during the pandemic.

Last night, Demet Ozdemir was spotted at a restaurant in the Bebek district. The actress admitted that she was upset by the news from Izmir, and the situation with the coronavirus did not improve her mood. However, she tries to concentrate fully on her work. The series in which she stars raises important questions about women’s rights, and she is very proud to be a part of this story.

When asked by journalists what she thought about the parties that were held in the midst of the pandemic, Demet said that it was necessary to take care not only of one’s own health, but also of the health of others, especially the elderly and children. They have to work in an epidemic, they have to feed their families, but they try to take every precaution on the set. It’ll be a lot easier if everyone thinks about their family and their relatives.

When asked if she has new projects, films, Demet Ozdemir admitted that she was completely occupied with filming the series and was not thinking about another work for now. Maybe something will change in the coming season. She’d like to make a dance video when she has the time.

She cannot please journalists with personal events either. Demet is very upset about the gossips that comes out about her,, each time they have to be refuted. The actress promised that as soon as someone appears in her life, she will definitely tell about it, she will not hide it. But while her heart is free.

The broadcast of the series My home My destiny continues, the project has its own dedicated audience, and Demet Özdemir confirms time and again that she is not only a romantic comedy’s star, but also a wonderful dramatic actress. Her journey on Turkish screens will be long and very successful, because she has already proven what she is capable of.

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