Berk Oktay: “Coronavirus is scary”

Berk Oktay, who was noticed leaving the hairdresser after suffering a coronavirus, admitted that he suffered a rather difficult illness, especially the first three days. This is not a disease that can be underestimated. Since they, healthy young people have experienced such torment, then what to say about old people. The actor did not forget to thank the doctors who visited them, brought medicines, monitored the recovery process over the phone. They have a very hard job, thanks to them.

Berk also admitted that his beloved jokingly thanked him for awarding her with the coronavirus. “She became my victim,” Berk laughed.

The actor said that he will donate blood that will help sick people (after an illness, antibodies appear in the blood, and it can be transfused to patients with coronavirus, thereby increasing the body’s resistance) and will do it without hesitation. Berk also said that they do tests on set every two days and the security measures are very strict.

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