Demet Ozdemir was delighted with the quarantine

The day before, was spotted in one of the hotels in the Bebek district. The actress admitted that she was a little sick, this is a common flu, she immediately passed the tests for coronavirus, it turned out that she was just a cold.

Demet considers the decision to impose restrictions due to another outbreak of the disease in Turkey absolutely correct, she was happy when she learned about the government’s measures. After all, it’s best to stay at home on the weekend and be healthy. They all breathed a sigh of relief when they learned that Turkey was being quarantined over the weekend.

When asked what she thinks about the problems of her close friend Denise Bulutsuz, who became a victim of violence from her beloved Ozan Guven, Demet said that the case is in court, and she is confident that justice will prevail.

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