Akın Akınözü: the “scandal” on the set of the series Hercai

Ebru Şahin and Akın Akınözü

Ebru Şahin and

The Turkish press is full of information that Akın Akınözü allegedly got into a fight during the filming of the series with an assistant director. But is this really true, or is it just another fantasy of not too scrupulous Turkish journalists?

The well-known journalist, Birsen Altuntas called Akın Akınözü a brawler and a fighter. According to Birsen, Akın had a row with the assistant director on the set of the series Hercai. He was not happy that Akın allegedly makes the whole group wait too long, sitting in the trailer and told the actor about it after wich Akın fought with him. By the way, the series is filmed in Mardin, while Mrs Birsen is in Istanbul, so the source of her information is unknown, as well as its veracity.

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