Screenwriter Levent Cantek on the cost of producing series

Scriptwriter Levent Cantek and CEO of digital platform Blu TV were figuring out how much money to spend on making the series.

Mr. Cantek reported that the TV show was very cheap to produce. Netflix spends more money on the advertising campaign of its projects than the platform spent on the production of this series. Then he was ordered not for the second season of the Bozkir, but for a new script for the series Yeşilçam, which he did. Yeşilçam and Alef are quite normal series on a budget, but not Bozkir, which was a modest project. To which Dogan Yalçindag replied that they need to create a sustainable business. Netflix is ​​still a loss-making company, spending more on production than they get from subscribers. For him, the series Bozkir was a good work and an affordable budget.

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