Batuhan Karacakaya spoke about the TV series Forbidden Love

Batuhan Karacakaya is now taking part in the filming of the reality show Survivor. Host Acun Ilicali said that they are happy to see the actor in the program, because almost all of Turkey knows his face. Batuhan admitted that he was quite calm about the fame that fell upon him at the age of 10. At that moment, he was more interested in friends at school, and not shooting in the TV series Forbidden Love, where he played Bulent. He generally did not want to discuss this topic with friends, so as not to stand out, he wanted to be like everyone else. Batuhan said that he loves sports very much and is confident in his abilities, so he decided to take part in the program.

Note that despite his young age, Batuhan managed to play in two of the most successful TV series in Turkey – Forbidden Love and Resurrection Ertugrul, and his face is really well known to the audience. Perhaps after filming Survivor he will receive the main role, the guy has talent.

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