Run, Can Yaman, run and don’t look back!

The Hürriyet edition publishes a rather ironic article under the heading “Run Can Yaman, run and don’t look back” or “Oh, Can, take care of yourself”, about how Can Yaman fell into a love triangle in Italy, which could end very badly for him, since his opponent is a very formidable boxer Daniele Scardina. The newspaper quotes the words of Italians who are frightened by one kind of Diletta’s Leotta beloved and advise Can to “get the hell out of the way”. Quotes: “I’m afraid to look at the photo, it’s not like standing next to me”, “Yaman run off his feet from Italy”, “He will not return, but will return, Daniele will take care of him”, “We will not find him”, “Ah, Can, ah. “

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