Merve Boluğur: From Success to Depression

Merve Boluğur

Merve Boluğur

Merve Boluğur, who portrayed Nurbanu Sultan in the series “Magnificent Century,” was one of Turkey’s most promising actresses at the beginning of her career. However, in recent years, her career has been on the decline, and her personal life has been in ruins.

Merve started her career in 2002 when she was just 12 years old. She appeared in several successful series, including “Little Secrets” and “Magnificent Century.” However, after the end of “Magnificent Century,” her career did not soar. She appeared in several movies and series, but they did not achieve significant success.

In 2013, Boluğur married musician Murat Dalkılıç, but their marriage lasted only two years. In 2017, the actress remarried, but her second marriage also ended quickly, lasting only a couple of months.

In recent years, Boluğur has often made headlines due to her strange actions and interviews. Recently, photos of Boluğur surfaced on social media that raised concerns among her fans. In the photos, the actress appears very sad and lost.

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