Ali Atay: “I don’t want to act in TV series”

Ali Atay

Ali Atay

Ali Atay gave a brief interview to Turkish paparazzi, where he honestly explained why he doesn’t want to accept offers to work in TV series again.

The actor stated the following: “Honestly, working on television projects is tough. When we shot the last series, I was on the set 24/7. I have my own life, I have children, a wife, and a family. I could never dedicate time to them; television really exhausts and wears a person out. It’s very difficult to endure working on a TV series that lasts 150 minutes. It undoubtedly leads to burnout syndrome. Imagine being constantly on set, with makeup on your face, something with your hair, and you are constantly playing some character. You have one day off in six days, and you break down. It’s like a breakdown syndrome. When I don’t see my children for one day, I start to miss them. So, I try to stay away from the screen, but if they offer a role that cannot be refused, I will accept it.”

Ali Atay also talked about his eight-month-old daughter Leyla Sureyya and what it’s like to be the father of a girl: “It’s amazing, an incredible feeling, incomparable to anything. I became the father of a girl, she’s eight months old now. Let’s see how our relationship develops. For now, she’s smiling.”

When asked about his perspective on appearing in commercials with children, Ali admitted: “There are offers for commercials, but Hazal and I can’t make a decision, we don’t know. We don’t want to expose our children to cameras. It’s difficult to put your child in such conditions because as parents, your goal is to protect them from everything. It can’t be said categorically, but maybe if there are suitable conditions, we might agree.”

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