Rating of Turkish Netflix TV shows in IMDB on March 15, 2021

Turkish Netflix TV shows in IMDB

Turkish Netflix TV shows in IMDB

This week, the positions of Turkish Netflix series in the international movie database IMDB has changed significantly. The series The Gift, which visibility in the database has been growing for the third week in a row, came out on top. It looks like the premiere of the last season is coming soon and Netflix is ​​actively promoting the Beren Saat’s project on the platform. The position of the series The Protector has also grown, probably due to an increase in interest in the leading actor Çağatay Ulusoy. All other series lost a little in the rating.

The main event of the past week for Turkey is the premiere of Çağatay Ulusoy’s new film Paper Lives, which debuted at the 265th position in the IMDB database among all films in the world and took the 589th position among all film and television projects in the world. The next week will show how much foreign viewers are interested in it.

Places in IMDB this week were distributed as follows:

✨The Gift – 1104⬆
📍The Protector – 1123⬆
📍Ethos – 1149⬇
📍Rise of Empires: Ottoman – 1433⬇
📍50m2 – 1528⬇
📍Love 101 – 2621⬇

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