Rating of Turkish Digital TV shows in IMDB on April 26, 2021



This week, the position of Turkish digital projects in the international movie database IMDB was determined by the release of the new Blu TV series Yesilçam, which immediately grew by 3335 points, taking the first position among digital series in the database. Note that Turkish viewers are not interested in IMDB, they are quite satisfied with the local alternatives, so interest in the project is mainly caused by the broadcast of the series in the Middle East and Azerbaijan, as well as the interest of fans of the main star of the project, Çağatay Ulusoy.

Interest in the new Netflix movie “Have you ever seen fireflies?” was short-lived, having lost 1578 points, Yilmaz Erdoğan’s project ended up in 2017 position. The film is ranked 2520, and it looks like a week later the movies will switch places, despite the fact that Fireflies was released a month later.

All other digital projects have retained their previous positions. This week we expect the release of the new Netflix series Fatma, which should change the balance of power. Judging by the promo and reviews from critics, a very big hit awaits us.

Positions in IMDB for digital projects this week were distributed as follows:

✨Yesilçam – 1119⬆
📍The Protector – 1244⬇
📍Ethos – 1385⬇
📍Rise of Empires: Ottoman – 1510⬆
📍Fatma – 1686⬇
📍The Gift – 2222⬇
📍50m2 – 2397⬇
📍Love 101 – 2569⬇

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