Fahriye Evcen will return to screens in winter

Fahriye Evcen

Fahriye Evcen

When will Fahriye Evcen return to the screens of Turkey? Will this project be on TV or on a digital platform? Will she work with her husband Burak Özçivit? We got the answer to these questions from the star herself!

On June 4, one of the most spectacular actresses of the Turkish show business, Fahriye Evcen turned 35 years old. The date was celebrated both with the family (of course, her beloved husband Burak Özçivit was the first to congratulate) and with her friends. The paparazzi were also nearby, not failing to ask the actress when the audience will see her again in the TV shows.

As Fahriye  said, this summer, she will not be busy in films or TV shows, preferring to spend time in the company of her husband and son. However, she has other projects. Apparently this means advertising contracts. Fahriye has admitted, that she can return to the screens in the winter, but so far she will not say anything about the new project, since she has to wait for the finalizing a contract. When asked by one of the journalists, she would like to play with her husband, the actress replied that they are both actors, if the project turns out to be good, they will consider this possibility. Why not.

It looks like next season will bring some very good news to the fans of the star. Whether Fahriye  will work on television or will return with the digital project, we will find out very soon.

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