Prosecutor’s Office demands imprisonment for Ezgi Mola

Ezgi Mola

Ezgi Mola

A wave of outrage erupted on Turkish social networks over the decision of the prosecutor’s office to open a criminal case against Ezgi Mola. The prosecutor’s office demanded a 2-year and 4-month prison sentence for the actress for writing an indignant tweet against a certain Musa Orhan. He was accused of raping Ipek Er. The young woman committed suicide, leaving a note in which she confessed that she had been raped and could not stand the shame. Mr. Orhan was detained, but soon released. And now, in a new twist, he is suing those who opposed him on social media. Ezgi was indignant at the release of the man, writing that these people have no conscience, shame on them. The hashtag in support of Ezgi #YalnızDeğilsinEzgiMola took the first place in Twitter trends. Hazal Kaya left an indignant message. Beren Saat also expressed her support for Ezgi.

Well-known journalist Fatih Altaylı said that he supports Ezgi with all his heart. Judicial system and justice have gone in different directions. Now we have no right to call a murderer a murderer, a thief – a thief, a rapist – a rapist, and a pervert – a pervert.

Musa Orhan’s lawyer said that they are filing a complaint with the prosecutor’s office against 16 celebrities who supported Ezgi Mola. Among the star names are Hazal Kaya, Atilla Tas, Mahsun Kirimizgul, Sarp Akkaya, Tan Tasçi and Selçuk Balci. The lawyer offered Ezgi Mola to apologize to his client in exchange for dropping the charges, but the actress declined this offer.

The Actors’ Union came out with the support of Ezgi Mola and other actors who were persecuted by the prosecutor’s office for demanding justice in the case of Musa Orhan. The union is outraged that the perpetrators of violence against women are trying to avoid punishment, and this whole story is simply absurd. Trade union representatives demanded to bring the culprit to justice in accordance with the law.


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