Can Yaman presents his perfume Can Yaman Mania

Can Yaman Mania

Can Yaman Mania

Can Yaman is trying his hand at a new, very risky business, launching his own line of perfumery. How much does a Turkish actor’s scent cost, and how can you get it?

Can Yaman continues to settle in Italy. After signing a contract to work on the Italian TV series and an advertising contract with the pasta brand De Cecco, the actor unveiled his unisex perfume Can Yaman Mania. You can pre-order it on Can’s own website, which has English and Italian versions. The price of the bottle is 84 euros without delivery. For now, it will only be available in Italy, but if things go well, it is expected to expand worldwide.

It should be noted that launching cosmetic and perfume lines, and especially their distribution, is a difficult and hard-to-pay job. It requires professionals who know the market well. Typically, celebrities launch their lines to maintain their image and PR. Among Turkish celebrities, Engin Altan Düzyatan, Meryem Uzerli, Merve Bolugur tried to enter this business, but all of them failed. In the next few months, we will find out if Can Yaman will succeed in what his famous colleagues failed to do.

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