Rating of Turkish Digital TV shows in IMDB on August 2, 2021

Atiye / The Gift

Atiye / The Gift

This week, the position of Turkish digital projects in the international movie database was still determined by the release of the last season of the series Atiye / The Gift, which is slowly losing its positions, that is quite normal. It is difficult to predict how the viewer will behave in the future. Perhaps, following the example of The Protector, that rose up again this week, the series will gain a foothold in the top preferences of users, but it may also lose its position completely, because there will be no new seasons.

All other shows remained in approximately the same positions as in previous weeks, a significant increase in interest was observed only in the series Yesilçam (744 points), which is quite interesting, because no announcements were made about the project. Recall that it is released on a local digital platform, and it is rather problematic to get access to it from a foreign viewer.

Positions in IMDB for digital projects this week were distributed as follows:

✨The Gift – 989⬇
📍The Protector – 1512⬆
📍Rise of Empires: Ottoman – 1838⬇
📍Ethos – 2237⬇
📍Fatma – 2594⬆
📍Love 101 – 2606⬆
📍Yesilçam – 3614⬆
📍50m2 – 4221⬇

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