Can Yaman’s new Italian TV series

 Can Yaman's new Italian TV series

Can Yaman’s new Italian TV series

The Sandokan series was delayed until the following year, but ’s fans may not be worried. The favorite actor already has another project where he will play with one of the most beautiful women in Italy. What do we know about the show right now?

Recently, Can Yaman’s fans had to get seriously nervous. The news that the Sandokan series had been delayed or cancelled was not very encouraging. And now, finally, Lux Vide company has clarified the situation. The filming of the series Sandokan is indeed being postponed. Initially, it was assumed that work on the project would begin in the summer, then the date was postponed to November. Now, the series is expected to be on set in February of the following year. The story of the famous pirate will be told from a female point of view. continues to study English, as the TV show is expected to be filmed in English.

In the meantime, Lux Vide company, with which Can Yaman has signed an exclusive contract, has found a new work for the actor. He will star in the TV series Violet Like the Sea, where his co-star will be the famous model and actress Francesca Chillemi. It’s an adaptation of the novel “Do you know Summer?” by Simone Tanzini, which combines elements of comedy and detective. Filming will take place at the end of September in Rome and Palermo.

Thus, Can Yaman will become the second Turkish actor to make a successful career in Italy. Recall that Mehmet Gunsur also starred in Italian TV series. A month ago, the shooting of the new TV series of the country’s leading TV channel “Lea and Other Children”, in which Mehmet played one of the main roles, was completed. On which channel and when the new project of Can Yaman will be released, we will find out very soon.

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