Neslihan Atagül denies rumors of jealousy

Neslihan Atagül and Kadir Doğulu

Neslihan Atagül and

Neslihan Atagül and met with the paparazzi during a walk in Nisantasi, during which they demonstrated the beauty of the city to two girls “spiritual relatives”.

When asked how she feels now, Neslihan said that everything is fine, she tries to eat right and play sports, not to tire herself too much. While she is resting, since the disease was quite serious, so it’s too early to return to the set, she waits for her health to fully return to normal.

When asked if she was jealous of Kadir Doğulu’s co-star Serra Ariturk Neslihan, she answered unequivocally: “They look very harmonious on the screen. I am following the project with interest.”

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