Why was the TV series Impeccable / Kusursuz canceled?

Impeccable / Kusursuz

Impeccable / Kusursuz

Fans of the TV show You are everywhere / Her Yerde Sen and the wonderful couple Aybuke Pusat and Furkan Andıç were very encouraged by the news that their favorite duo will be repeated. However, alas, the joy was short-lived. What happened?

According to well-known journalist Birsen Altuntas, director Cem Karci, who completed work on the first series for the digital platform Blu TV First and Last / İlk Ve Son, was preparing to shoot the TV show Impeccable / Kusursuz for the same platform.  The main roles of the project were to be played by Aybuke Pusat, Büşra Develi and Furkan Andıç. The script was written by Kerem Deren. It told the story of a group of friends who went to the sea.

However, as it became known, the budget of the series exceeded the planned one. The producers of the show failed to convince the management of the digital platform that they would be able to attract viewers. Alas, the decision of Blu TV turned out to be tough and categorical: it was decided to cancel the shooting.

As this sad experience shows, platforms depend on both the budget and the viewers. Users of digital platforms around the world are complaining that the platforms are ruthlessly canceling TV shows they consider unpromising. Alas, although the ratings have changed their name, they continue to determine the fate of our favorite projects. And which series will become their next victim, we can only guess.

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