Hazal Kaya and Bugra Gulsoy in the Oasis TV series

Hazal Kaya and Bugra Gulsoy

Hazal Kaya and Bugra Gulsoy

The Turkish press has announced with great enthusiasm that filming of a new series produced by Medyapım Oasis starring Hazal Kaya and Bugra Gulsoy will begin in the coming days. What do we know about the project right now?

Bugra Gulsoy is one of the most talented Turkish actors, well known to viewers from the TV series What is Fatmagul’s fault, Love again, My daughter. His latest work Awakening: The Great Seljuks became a big hit, many fans hoping for the second season of the popular series, but producer Emre Konuk chose to complete the story and start a new project Alp Arslan. However, Bugra did not remain unemployed for long. According to the Turkish press, the actor will become a co-star of Hazal Kaya in the Oasis series.

Note that Hazal is a real lucky talisman for Fatih Aksoy and his company Medyapım, which, according to the results of the past year, was named the most successful TV production company in Turkey. The show will be the fourth joint work of the actress and producer. Previously, they worked together on the TV series The girl named Feriha, Our Story, the film What I Can Do.

Fatih Aksoy announced the purchase of the rights to a remake of Japanese drama Oasis in 2018. In the original Japanese version, the protagonist, who has a hard time going through the coldness of her parents, tries to commit suicide. However, the attempt ends unsuccessfully, she is taken to the hospital by a policeman who has recently moved to the city. He is a widower with three children, and he decides to help a girl who has lost her memory after an accident. However, she perfectly remembers who she is, but she has no desire to return to her former life. Moreover, in the house of a police officer, she finds what she has been looking for so long: love, laughter, and happiness. A story that began with a lie will turn into a happy meeting with the family she dreamed of.

The director of the project is Arda Sarıgün, known to viewers from the TV series The Trusted / Maraşlı. The series will be released in the new fall-winter season on Fox TV.

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