TV series 3 cents / Üç Kuruş: failure or success?

3 cents / Üç Kuruş

3 cents /

Fans of crime series were eagerly awaiting the release of the “heir” to such successful projects as Insider and The Pit – the series 3 cents / Üç Kuruş. Are they disappointed in their expectations, or will the project repeat the success of their predecessors?

On Monday, November 1, Turkey began airing the highly anticipated series 3 cents / Üç Kuruş, which should become a worthy successor to such legendary projects of Ay Yapim as and Çukur. Not surprisingly, the start of the series was accompanied by an inevitable comparison with its predecessors.

Judging by the results, the series Üç Kuruş started its journey on the air best of all:

Insider / İçerde: 4.09 | 5.03 | 5.14
The Pit / Çukur: 4.91 | 6.04 | 6.52
3 cents / Üç Kuruş: 6.60 | 4.82 | 6.92

However, let us not forget that the good start of the last show is due to the success of Insider and The Pit, because the audience came thanks to the solid advertising of the company. But whether it will stay on the air will depend on the project itself.

We will find out the real rating of the show next week, when curious viewers either continue watching or leave disappointed. It will be a great challenge for Kerem Çatay’s new creation. A good start does not always mean a good finish, so you shouldn’t relax. The main thing is the dynamics of the project. For example, in the second episode, the rating of “Insider” jumped by 3% at once, let’s see if the new series of Ay Yapim succeeds in repeating this result.

Moreover, not all reviews of the new project were positive. Thus, according to the well-known journalist Sina Kologlu, Üç Kuruş did not make much of an impression on him. The show’s biggest problem is trying to straddle two worlds: to make everything realistic and at the same time to please the Total audience (that is, ordinary viewers). And his relatives were outraged by the lack of clear diction among the actors. They are simply difficult to understand, they swallow words. The scene of a gypsy wedding seems to be very familiar, everyone has seen this once in real life, but it is still immediately felt that everything is fake and the creators cannot reproduce this scene convincingly. The actors play gypsies, but you don’t believe them.

We will find out whether the Turkish viewer has accepted the series Üç Kuruş next week.

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