Demet Ozdemir: ‘I was ashamed’

Demet Ozdemir

Demet Ozdemir

Demet Ozdemir in her last interview made a confession that upset many fans. As it turned out, the actress experienced extremely unpleasant moments, she was ashamed, although she did nothing wrong. What happened?

Demet Ozdemir, who was a guest on Ibrahim Selim’s YouTube talk show, shared a story that deeply hurt her. When she began her acting career, like any young actress, she worked part-time where she could, including dancing on programs. She never hid it, especially since her sister is also a dancer. And then a couple of years ago, the Turkish press suddenly showed her old videos of dancing and presented it as something shocking and shameful.

As Demet admitted, it was presented with such headlines that made her uncomfortable, although she was well aware that nothing was wrong, she was only doing her job. At that moment she was supported by Selin Şekerci and Hazal Kaya, who posted tweets in her defense, although they were not acquainted at the time. And then an even stranger thing happened. The famous Colombian singer Maluma shared on his Instagram a recording of her dance, admiring it. The Turkish press immediately jumped over, and for tomorrow they already talked about how Demet is the pride of Turkey, and she conquered foreign fans with her dances.

Demet could only giggle and say to herself: “You, Maluma, do not even know what heights you and I have reached!” Alas, the Turkish press is predictable and very unintelligible, besides, it suffers from a rare forgetfulness: it can immediately praise for the same thing for which it scolded yesterday.

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