Is Netflix ​​preparing a Turkish spinoff for the series Money Heist?

Money Heist

Money Heist

Money Heist is one of the most beloved TV series of Turkish viewers. Not surprisingly that rumors that Netflix is preparing a Turkish version of the show periodically appear in the press.   This time, however, it seems that these rumors were confirmed by the actors of La Casa de Papel personally.

This week, Money Heist has topped three lines in the top of the most popular non-English-language Netflix TV series in the world. Moreover, the last part of the project is five times more popular than its closest English-speaking rival. The management of the digital platform simply cannot finish the series, which is enjoying such interest from viewers around the world, and since the main story is completed, it was decided to start producing remakes and spinoffs of La Casa de Papel. The first spinoff to be officially announced is the story of Berlin. Events will take place prior to the heist featured in the main series. Perhaps part of the story will be filmed in Istanbul. The first officially announced remake is made by Korean producers.

Of course, the Turkish audience is eager to get their own “Money Heist”. It is noteworthy that it was the Turkish Netflix subscribers who were among the first to appreciate the Netflix project and to spark a wave that spread all over the world. Not surprisingly, the stars of the series recorded a special message for Turkish viewers, thanking them for their love for the project. One detail in the message immediately caught the eye of attentive fans: Ursula Corbero aka Tokyo said hello to the character “Istanbul” who lives in Turkey. Thus, the rumors about the Turkish spinoff of the show, which have been circulating for the last three years, became something quite concrete.

Now Turkish fans are wondering who will star in the new project, if it is confirmed. If the show does go into production, then the main actor will have a huge responsibility – a role that could bring him to the international level. Who will play Istanbul? We just have to wait for an official statement on this matter from Netflix.

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