Demet Özdemir vs. Hande Erçel: A crisis of envy?

Demet Özdemir vs. Hande Erçel

Demet Özdemir vs. Hande Erçel

Turkish media claim that is jealous of Hande Erçel. However, is it really so? Where did these rumors come from, and who is behind the attempt to pit fans of two stars against each other?

A new Turkish press sensation: Demet Özdemir and Hande Erçel had a fight! According to Turkish media, is going through hard times after breaking up with Oguzhan Koç. In addition to troubles in her personal life, she also does not receive as many job offers in new projects as Hande Erçel, who has more followers on Instagram. The last straw was Hande’s contract with Disney Plus. Demet was offended and unfollowed the latter on Instagram.

However, how true is this information? Fans of the stars know that they have never been followed each other on Instagram and have never crossed paths at all. Demet doesn’t know Hande very well. The only thing that unites the actresses is the acting agency ID İletişim, which is famous for its publicity stunts. This is not the first time that they’ve pitted fans of different actresses against each other, getting some extra buzz in the press out of nowhere. For the chief manager of the agency, Ayşe Barım, such tricks are quite typical.

Of course, fans are wondering how the stars tolerate such an attitude, but let us remind you that leaving the agency is not so easy. The example of Elçin Sangu, who has been suing a former manager for many years, is very revealing. In addition, ID İletişim is one of the largest in the market and provides its customers with profitable contracts.


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