Love is in the air makes the finale and … continues

Love is in the air / Sen Çal Kapımı

Love is in the air /

On Saturday, April 16, the series Love is in the air / Sen Çal Kapımı will make the finale. However, fans of the show should not be upset. Their favorite romantic comedy does not leave the Turkish air forever, and they will see the sequel this summer.

The series Love is in the air / Sen Çal Kapımı which began broadcasting in June last year, has become a social media phenomenon not only in Turkey, but far beyond. The excellent ratings of the summer show, which withstood fierce competition with the main season series, allowed it to continue in the fall and winter. And although now the audience of the series has decreased, it continues to cause a stir not only in Turkey, but around the world, as evidenced by excellent sales abroad.

Not surprisingly, Fox TV and MF Yapim are doing their best to save the series, despite low ratings in recent weeks. As a result, a very unusual decision was taken. Love is in the air will make the season finale for the 39th episode on April 10 and return on the air after a short break in June. Thus, the team will have a rest, and the new script team will develop a concept for the summer television season, which, possibly, will return high ratings to the project. The series is expected to finish in early September for the 50th episode.

Thus, fans of the series Love is in the air and one of the most successful series star duet of recent years, and can rest assured. Their favorite project will not be canceled and very soon, after the holidays, they will see the continuation of this exciting story.

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