Love Tactics – Netflix Decisive Premiere?

Love Tactics / Aşk Taktikleri

Love Tactics / Aşk Taktikleri

is finally starting to release Turkish series and films that have been in preparation for more than two years. What movie will viewers see first, and why is it so important for the platform that it be successful?

The international digital platform Netflix, which has not managed to win a leading position in the Turkish market (recall that the leadership is still held by the local Blu TV platform with 42% of all subscribers), is in a rather difficult position. Over the year, the share of subscribers has decreased from 32% to 29%, although their total number has increased. Recall that in August, a new powerful competitor will enter the digital market – Disney Plus, and in the fall, another competitor HBO Max is expected to appear. Amazon Prime is also on the market with a share of 19% of subscribers.

The main reason why Netflix is ​​lagging behind in the Turkish market is the delay in the release of local projects. Despite the fact that the platform is actively filming Turkish shows, it is in no hurry to release them, obviously expecting what competitors will do. Recall that both Disney Plus and HBO Max are preparing to launch a massive attack on the Turkish user, offering dozens of domestic series and films at once.

Obviously realizing that the chances of retaining viewers are getting smaller, Netflix has announced new projects that viewers will see in the coming months. Among them are Love Tactics, Midnight at the Pera Palace, Hot Scull, The Uysals, UFO. The first teaser of the series “Midnight at the Pera Palace” received a strong response on social networks, only on the accounts of the leading star Hazal Kaya it was viewed more than 4 million times, so it is quite possible we’re looking at the next hit of the platform.

However, the film Love Tactics / Aşk Taktikleri starring Demet Özdemir and Şükrü Ozyildiz will start first on February 11. The day before, the film’s team attended a private screening organized by the digital platform. For producers and actors, this is a serious test, so far only three Turkish films have been able to attract the interest of an international audience: Miracle in cell N7, Paper Lives and My Father’s Violin. Whether the new project of Turkish filmmakers will be successful, we will find out on Tuesday, February 15, when Netflix officially announces the first results of the movie.

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