İbrahim Çelikkol divorced his wife

Sad news for fans of İbrahim Çelikkol. The actor’s marriage was dissolved this week. The couple divorced by mutual agreement and without claims to each other. What do we know about the details of the divorce agreement?

Fans of have been trying for a long time to figure out what is happening in the life of their favorite actor. It’s no secret that his relationship with his wife, Mihre Çelikkol, whom he married in 2017, has deteriorated a lot lately, but there was still hope that they would save their marriage. Alas, this hope was not to be realized. As the Turkish press reported, on May 11, the couple divorced at one court session.

Turkish media have published a protocol on divorce, according to which the custody of the son of the couple Ali will remain with the mother –  Mihre Çelikkol. İbrahim will pay monthly alimony to his son in the amount of 9.5 thousand lira. He will also pay 35,000 lira to his wife, including rent and bills for housing where his ex-wife and son live. Mihre transfers the right to a 50% share of the property, which is located in Beykoz Riva, to her ex-husband for 5 million Turkish lira. She will also have a car belonging to the company, of which Ibrahim is a partner.

Note that under Turkish law, the ex-husband is obliged to pay alimony not only for the child, but also to ensure a decent standard of living for the ex-wife until she marries again. So the protocol looks quite standard.

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