Is Alperen Duymaz divorcing his wife?

Fans of were saddened by the news that the actor was allegedly divorcing his wife. But is this news true? Alperen personally answered this question. 

According to the Turkish press, Alperen Duymaz and his wife Kübra Kelkit are going through hard times. Recall that two years ago, the actor quietly married his childhood girlfriend from Ankara, who moved to Istanbul and continued to work as a teacher. Alperen’s wife always preferred to stay away from the Turkish show business, while the actor spent a lot of time on the set. In the end, Kübra’s unwillingness to keep up with her husband’s life led to a crisis in the marriage, the press started talking about the fact that the couple might get a divorce. Especially after the young woman was not present at the birthday party of her husband’s manager, Cem Tatlıtuğ. The journalists report that Alperen and Kübra decided to take a break in their relationship, but continue to live in the same house and there is hope for reconciliation.

However, Alperen reacted to rumors of a breakup with his wife in his Instagram, showing the photo of his happy wife. Apparently, the finger of the actor, caught in the photo, should show how he feels about such journalists and such news. Alas, once again the Turkish press demonstrated its extremely low level, proving that tabloid gossip cannot be trusted.

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