5 Turkish actors who can become superstars

Every year, the Turkish serial industry gives us several names that either become big stars or also quickly burn out, remaining only in the memory of the most devoted fans. Which of the young Turkish actors in 2019 can claim to be the superstar of the Turkish screen? Who can be next to such names as Çağatay Ulusoy, Aras Bulut İynemli or Tolga Sarıtaş? Here is a list of the five most promising stars of the new generation:

Akın Akınözü

After the huge success of the series Hercai, many fans have already announced Akin as a superstar. However, let’s not forget that the Turkish audience is fickle and easily forgets his idols. To earn true love an actor needs more than one successful project. However, Akin has several serious advantages at once. Firstly, he comes from an artistic family, and good connections have not hurt anyone in show business. Secondly, he is handsome and he has undeniable talent. In addition, the young man is smart, educated, and most importantly: he has great willpower. Did you know that he lost 75 kilograms and got himself in perfect shape?

Taner Olmez

He is one of those actors whose great talent, as well as professionalism, is beyond doubt. In addition, he works in the theater unlike other actors who have not received professional education. However, Turkish producers are too often looking for the leading roles of handsome men, forgetting about talents. That’s why the work in a duet with Çağatay Ulusoy in the successful TV series Medcezir and his subsequent projects did not really help Taner’s career. Perhaps he would have remained in the shadow, but he received the great opportunity to play in the series “Miraculous Doctor.” The huge success of the series that now is on the top of the Turkish ratings immediately drew attention to the talented actor. And Taner’s chances to reach the stardom increase more because of the third and fourth seasons of the Netflix series “The Protector”, where he will appear before an international audience (by the way, again with Çağatay Ulusoy).

Alperen Duymaz is one of the most promising actors of the young generation, who has not only good looks and real talent, but also serious support from his agent. Who, by the way, is also the elder brother of Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ. Kıvanç noticed Alperen’s talent more than once and enjoyed working with him in the latest series “Crash” / “Çarpışma”. Alas, the project did not enjoy the special love of Turkish viewers, but the young man was noticed. In addition, many were impressed by his previous work in the series “The Pit” / “Çukur”, where he played one of the supporting roles. From now on, everything will depend on the next show, where Alperen Duymaz will play the leading role. The project of Ay Yapim TV company White Cold / will either make him a real star or bury his hopes. His co-star will be Ayça Ayşin Turan.

Kubilay Aka

He is another rising star of the Turkish screen. Kubilay attracted attention in the very first series “Wounded Love” / Vatanim Sensin. Although the project did not become a hit in the homeland, however, it is successfully going abroad. The second role of Kubilay in the series “The Pit” / “Çukur” has made him popular in Turkey. After all, as you know – this is one of the most popular projects in Turkey at present. In the summer the actor starred in the Netflix youth series Love 101, which viewers will see in December. A young man needs only one thing to get the status of a real star: a successful solo project. However, while he is busy in the series “Çukur”, so he will have to wait a bit with his own show.

Can Yaman

For his foreign fans, Can Yaman is already a real superstar. They enthusiastically watch The Early Bird / Erkençi Kus series and do not understand why the show did not become a super hit in Turkey. So far, the Turkish audience expresses reservations about Can. In order for him to be a real superstar, he will have to find a serious project and prove to the audience that he is a serious dramatic actor. It all depends on him and his talent. Well, a bit of luck will not hurt either.

Which of the five actors will be among the few selected superstars of the Turkish screen, and which will receive only disappointment and broken dreams, we will find out very soon. After all, the idols in Turkish show business are changing rapidly. And getting into the list of those whom viewers remember and love for decades is a very difficult task. We can only follow our favorite actors. Stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel!

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