Kerem Bürsin in Spanish movie

Kerem Bürsin

Kerem Bürsin

Kerem Bürsin flew to Madrid on the eve of the grand opening of Disney Plus. Some fans suspected that he did this to end rumors of a reconciliation with Hande Erçel. However, the reason turned out to be different: the actor took the first step in the Spanish show business.

On June 14, Kerem Bürsin attended the opening of The Olyverse digital project, created by Alvaro Morte, star of the series “Money Heist”, in Spain. The actor gave good news. Perhaps in July he will return to Spain to play a role in the Spanish movie. The role will be small, but it is quite possible that it will surprise the fans of the actor.

Kerem, who has become one of the stars of The Olyverse platform along with Alvaro Morte, Koldo Serra and Cayetana Guillen Cuervo, admitted that he has plans for further work in Spain, but first he needs to improve his Spanish to do something serious. He is sure that everything will be fine. Kerem would like to represent Turkey in this country. Note that Kerem’s uncle owns an acting agency in the country, so the plans of the star of the series “Love is in the air” are quite concrete and feasible.

However, Kerem Bürsin does not forget Turkey. The actor told reporters that he will also have a Turkish project. It seems that this is why he turned down an offer to become one of the faces of the Disney Plus. He does not want to commit himself for a long time, as the actor has other plans.

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