New co-star of Ulaş Tuna Astepe

New Istanbul / Yeni İstanbul

New Istanbul / Yeni İstanbul

Great news for fans of Ulaş Tuna Astepe! He returns to the screens with a new TV show, and his co-star is an actress who has already worked with Ulaş before. What do we know about the project right now?

According to Turkish media, in the new television season, Show TV and O3 Medya will present to Turkish viewers the series ‘New Istanbul / Yeni İstanbul’, which is a remake of the popular American TV series New Amsterdam. Directed by Çiğdem Bozali.

will play the head doctor of a public hospital located in the center of Istanbul. will portray the head of the department of cardiac surgery, while the role of the head of the department of neurology was given to Şerif Erol. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the announcement of the actress who will be co-star of Ulaş.

According to the well-known journalist Birsen Altuntaş, the role of the head of the oncology department Susan will be played by Hazar Ergüçlü, who has already worked with Ulaş Tuna in the TV series “Moms and Mothers”. The search continues for an actress to play the head of the emergency department, Derin.

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