The success of the Turkish Netflix series ‘Another Self’

Another Self / Zeytin Ağacı

Another Self / Zeytin Ağacı

Great news for Netflix subscribers who prefer TV shows made in Turkey. 4 years after the success of the first Turkish Netflix series “The Protector”, a new show has finally appeared that can safely be called a big hit.

Fans of Turkish TV series are pleased to note that a Turkish TV show that has overcome the mark of 100 million watching hours has finally appeared on Netflix. The OGM Pictures series “Another Self” starring and has become one of the biggest hits of Turkish producers on the international digital platform. The total watching time for 5 weeks is 100,420,000 hours, and this is the best result among all Netflix Turkish series since Netflix started publishing ratings last year.

It is noteworthy that the Turkish management of Netflix, in a sad tradition, did not even make a normal gala premiere for the TV show. It seems that this is becoming a sign – the less Turkish Netflix promotes projects, the better the result. We can only hope that this vicious circle will be broken.

The next objective for Turkish series is getting into the all-time top 10 most popular Non-English TV shows, based on hours viewed in their first 28 days on Netflix. To get to this list, a series needs to have at least 300 million watching hours in the first 4 weeks.

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