Birce Akalay told about the work and İbrahim Çelikkol

Birce Akalay

Birce Akalay

Great news for fans of  Birce Akalay. The actress continues to work actively in the Netflix series. Birce personally spoke about her work, as well as how she felt about the new romance of her friend İbrahim Çelikkol.

Birce Akalay gave a short interview to the Turkish press, in which she said that she is now working on the set of the second season of the series “As the crow flies”. After a short break, filming of the third season will begin. The main cast of the show has not changed. Immediately after the completion of work, she will begin filming two new seasons of the Netflix series “Cemetery”.

When asked by journalists what she thinks about the new romance of İbrahim Çelikkol and Natalie Yarcan, Birce replied that she does not discuss her relationship and does not want to discuss the relationship of her best friend. But if he is happy, then she is also happy for him. Recall that Natalie is a socialite, a well-known blogger, author of cookery books, and a close friend of Birce.

Note that fans still want to see Birce and İbrahim together, but the actors have other plans. According to the Turkish press, Birce is dating businessman Serdar Bilgili. The couple spent a joint holiday in Mardin. True, while the actress calls Serdar her close friend and does not want to admit the relationship publicly.

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