Who will play Adnan in Forbidden Love?

Farah Zeynep Abdullah

Farah Zeynep Abdullah

Preparations are underway for the filming of the movie adaptation of the famous novel “Forbidden Love,” which will be titled “Bihter.” Who will play the role of Adnan Bey in this project?

Farah Zeynep Abdullah will play “Bihter” in the Taff Pictures production, alongside Boran Kuzum as “Behlul,” Hande Atayizi as “Firdevs,” Helin Kandemir as “Nihal,” Lauren Menhart as “Besir,” and Ebru Ozkan as “Mademoiselle.”

But who will take on the part of “Adnan Bey,” which Selçuk Yontem played in the second version of the series? Osman Sonant will portray the part of “Adnan Bey” in the movie, which is being directed by Mehmet Binay and Caner Alper, according to a report by renowned journalist Birsen Altuntas.

The movie will tell a story that reflects the spirit of the early 20th century and had an influence on culture all over the world. As a result, the project’s authors made the choice to go back to the original writing and put their characters in a historical setting. 

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