Competition of Internet platforms in Turkey is increasing

Internet platforms in Turkey

Internet platforms in Turkey

According to a well-known journalist, Ranini, the internet platform is actively negotiating the purchase of Turkish TV shows that were previously released on free television and other online platforms in Turkey. Negotiations are also ongoing with producers about original projects for the platform. If dominated the market last year, serious competitors have now appeared. In addition to Amazon, has already entered the market, whose management has begun negotiations with Turkish producers on the production of original content. Behind the scenes of serial production is now very hot. When Amazon will be available in Turkey, Ranini is still at a loss to say, according to her, the launch has been delayed until 2021, but this is not exact information.

We also note that according to our information, the Disney’s management is negotiating content production not only for Hulu, but also for Disney + – so far this is a priority platform for them. It is not yet known when two more strong competitors, Apple and Peacock, will enter the Turkish market, but according to preliminary information, their launch in Turkey is also scheduled for 2021. That is, in the coming year we will hear the announcement of the launch of a dozen Internet projects for a variety of platforms.

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